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Young Female Game Hunters on the Rise

Although this site primarily focuses on game hunting in the United States, something that cannot go unrecognized is the rising popularity of female game hunters.  Hunters like Kendall Jones (pictured on the right), the young, pretty Texas Tech cheerleader who hunts wild game in South Africa, are blowing up social media in both negative and positive light.  Those who support hunting are defending Jones, but more so it seems that people are bothered by Kendall killing endangered species from behind a gun. There are thousands of  people protesting Kendall’s “sport”, which shows how many people find the injustices Kendall is committing to be wrong.1  However, this trend of female hunters posing with their kill and immediately posting it to social media sites is growing thanks to the positive feedback received from fellow hunters.


A group of young girls pose with their kill. Photo Credit:


Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones with the cheetah she shot. Photo Credit:










Female hunter Melissa Bachman with her gunned down lion. Photo Credit:













Radical Anti-Hunting Protests

Another pretty consistent hit about hunting is aggressive anti-hunting groups like PETA receiving media attention for their radical acts upon hunting-related things.  For example, in Germany of all places PETA hung posters up comparing humans eating meat to what the Nazis did to the Jewish population.  There are countless other examples of PETA’s radical protest movements that get media attention, from human BBQ’s to throwing pigs blood, but the media attention is their desired intent.2                                                                                                                                                       


PETA protesting animal products in Germany.  Photo Credit:


Reality TV

Shows like “Duck Dynasty” give American hunting a very specific stereotype.  Those who still consider themselves traditional and elitist hunters are probably very offended by the mindless TV drama and portrayl of redneck hunters seen in the popular reality TV show.  Recently a character on the show has been removed for being severely homophobic (see below video), which further attributes hunting to a quite specific stereotype which may not always be true.  There are some hunters who support shows like Duck Dynasty and think the cast of the show is just profiting off of their lifestyle, and believe there is nothing wrong with that.

 Just by observing how different media sources discuss hunting, to the types of organizations that are pro-hunting  and anti-hunting, a common trend can be seen that those advocating for hunting are usually religious and conservative while those against hunting tend to be more liberal and less religious.

Depending on what media outlets one watches, hunting can be swayed to a very negative or very positive light, like most things in the media.  But overall, there seems to be a rise in the negative publicity of hunting.

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